Sunday, August 14, 2011

SRS structure for Software Application

This is the basic structure of an SRS - Software Requirement Specification. The below given points are to be highlighted in detail in a SRS document, though explaining every point is not compulsory, it is recommended that they are mentioned.


1.1    Purpose Of This Document

1.2    Scope Of This Document

1.3    Overview

             General Description
              Functional Requirements

3.1    Description

3.2    Criticality

3.3    Technical Issues

3.4    Cost And Schedule

3.5    Risks

3.6    Dependencies With Other Requirements

       Interface Requirements

4.1    User Interfaces

4.2    GUI

4.3    CLI

4.4    API

4.5    Hardware  Interfaces

4.6    Software Interfaces

4.7    Communications Interfaces

       Performance Requirements

       Design Constraints

       Other Non-Functional Attributes

7.1    Security

7.2    Binary Compatibility

7.3    Reliability

7.4    Maintainability

7.5    Portability

7.6    Extensibility

7.7    Reusability

7.8    Application Compatibility

7.9    Resource Utilization


       Operational Scenarios

       Preliminary Schedule
       Preliminary Budget 

11.1Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations.